IKEA hack – Malm computer desk

I had no space for an ordinary computer desk in my living room because they are all to deep (like 60 cm+) and I needed a desk that could be minimized when not used. My room had lots of available width but only 40 centimeters depth that I could use. The only option was to make a custom computer desk.

I headed for my local IKEA store and bought a Malm bedside table in oak (depth 36 cm, length 191cm) (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80056936). Then I went to the hardware shop and bought roll-in roll-out ”lanes” for my keyboard shelf. The keyboard shelf was made from leftover parts from a Pax closet. The Malm wheels were removed because I did not want any movement. This is the result.

By the way, some people ask about the lamp. Well, it is custom made too. The lamp shade is made from leftover wallpaper and its silver/leather-stand was found on my parents attic. The computer case is an Antec one…

IKEA hack - Malm computer desk

IKEA hack - Malm computer desk

IKEA hack - Malm computer desk

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  1. Very clean and functional… I like it!

    I have small nook for a computer desk at 117cm (46″) long… But 47.5″ length seem to be the standard in stores. Very annoying… I’m looking for a hack myself.

  2. Fantastic desk, Marcus!

    One question: how did you attach the small side piece (which holds the right-side keyboard ”lane”) to the underside of the desk top?



  3. Great desk!! I was wondering if it could support a 40inch LCD and music studio equipment?

  4. Matt: Use two L-shaped ”iron things with screw holes” that you can buy in the hardware store.

    Sevin: I would not have a 40 inch LCD on the bench. I would have fixed that to the wall.

  5. I’m considering this hack as well with the Malm Dressing table. It has a decent depth of 16 1/8″ and a height of 30 3/4″ but I am concerned about how comfortable my hands and arm would be in using the mouse and keyboard. How do you like your current hack still? And would you think the Malm Dressing Table a good desk option?


  6. Jessy: I use this computer desk every day and I am very satisifed with it. So, I still like it. The dressing table should work as well. But the hight versus your length should be considered for the most comfortable hand/arm position.

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