Shrinking ALL Truncate Log Files

The transaction logs on your SQL-server can fill up a lot of disk space. In my case, I monthly needed to truncate all the log files from the databases that I get from our production environment. These log files are really huge. I need to truncate them because I do not need the logs on my development machine. I made this little T-SQL script to make my (and your) life easier.

NOTE! This works for pre ”SQL Server 2008” because BACKUP LOG with TRUNCATE_ONLY is discontinued. An updated script can be found here.

declare @db varchar(300)
declare @logname as varchar(300)
declare @sql nvarchar(1000)

declare cDB cursor for
SELECT name from master..sysdatabases sdb
WHERE NOT IN('master','model','pubs','msdb')

open cDB
fetch cDB into @db

while (@@fetch_status = 0)

--print @db
SET @sql='SELECT @logname=name FROM '+@db+'.dbo.Sysfiles WHERE fileid=2'
--print @sql
EXEC sp_executesql @sql,N'@logname varchar(300) out,@db varchar(300)',@logname out,@db
--print @logname

SET @sql='Use '+@db+';'
SET @sql=@sql+'Backup Log '+@db+' with truncate_only;'
SET @sql=@sql+'DBCC shrinkfile ('+@logname+', 2);'
--print @sql
EXEC sp_executesql @sql,N'@logname varchar(300)',@logname

fetch cDB into @db
close cDB
deallocate cDB

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