Theatre of magic – custom pinball cards

I have been restoring the Theatre of Magic pinball machine at our office for the last month. The result is a fully functional game with a nice clean playfield. I think this will boost office morale, because a great pinball machine is a good thing you need at work. :)

Well, the game is not complete without a set of nice custom pinball cards (instruction/pricing cards). I could not find any good looking card on the web so I had to make them myself. The result can be seen below. One of cards are in swedish but can be changed to whatever language you want if you only edit the psd-file (photoshop) included. All you have to do is to print them out with the size 8,255 x 15,24 cm (6 x 3.25 inches).

Download: Theatre of magic – custom pinball cards (~5 MB)

Theatre of magic

Theatre of magic

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