Query designer in management studio sql server 2005

I have been using Management Studio for SQL-server 2005 for a while now. However, I have never really liked it because of the really strange user interface. Compared to the simple Enterprise manager I first thought that Management studio was a nightmare. But I guess it takes some time to get used to…

I have searched for a simple and quick way to start the query designer. I only want to do a couple of querys and exit. In enterprise manager you only had to browse for a table, right click it and choose open table -> query. The same procedure in management studio takes a lot more clicks and is not worth the effort.

Today I found this post which describes how to access the query designer in SQL-server 2005 Management studio in a quick way. I also found out that it had a lot more features than the earlier version. That’s really good.

How to access the query designer the fastest way:

1. Start Management studio and connect to server.
2. Browse for the database and select it.
3. Press Ctrl+N for a new query window.
4. Press Ctrl+Shift+Q to get the query designer.
5. Rock on.

This is a great feature that is added to what previously was named ”Query analyzer”. The results of these queries are however not editable like they were in Enterprise managers query designer. I guess I have to through the ”open table” (and get all rows) procedure for that functionality. That is really strange, why couldn’t thay have left the ”open table -> query” option?

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