Boost performance on your Asus EEE 900

My sister has the Asus eee 900 netbook, the one with 16GB SSD hard drive, and Windows XP. The performance on the machine was very very bad. The bottleneck was the SSD-drive that made the machine hang when there were (m)any writes to it. I have made all optimizations that you can do on Windows XP, like disabling all services that aren’t needed. However, the machine was still slow. While browsing the eeeuser forum I found the magical solution in one of the threads….


The solution was to install Flashfire SSD Accelerator. FlashFire is a software for Solid-State Drives and uses host RAM to enhance random write performance of a SSD. Read more about other peoples success-stories in the eeeuser forum.

After installing Flashfire the computer is fast as hell and has no hangups. It is such a miracle! I highly recommend this piece of software for all people with netbooks that has slow SSD-drives.

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  1. 3 hours sounds like tberirle battery time. I hope that’s a typo. Imagine watching a two hour movie on it, then having to work no wait, I need to plug it in

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