Marvel 6162 SATA driver for Windows 7

There isn’t any driver for the Marvel 6162 (88SE6162) SATA controller in Windows 7 (32-bit). For my motherboard (Asus M2V) I needed this driver and I could not find them on the Asus support website. I guess Asus havn’t made these available yet. Lazy bastards! After some modifications to the Vista-drivers I could use them instead.


If you download and try to install the Vista-drivers you get a message like ”Does not support this Operating System : WNT_6.1P_MCE”. To be able to run the installer you need to edit the AsusSetup.ini file with notepad. The only thing you need to do is add a line corresponding to your Operatingsystem (WNT_6.1P_MCE) in the [OS_Language_Tag] section of the file.

I have prepared a file for Windows 7 32-bit that you can use:
Download Marvell_SATA_V10215B2 driver.

You only have to extract the files and run the AsusSetup file in the driver/x32 folder. If you run Windows 7 64-bit you can use the same files and make the same changes. If someone does this then please contribute to this post.

The driver installs and works great. My SATA-drive that is connected to the SATA-controller has appeared and I am happy again.

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  1. I installed these files in Windows 7 64-bit. Seems like it installed correctly with the changes you suggested. But, I still have the trouble icon (yellow triangle with the exclamation point). When installing, windows said it could not install the driver because ”This version of windows requires a digitally signed driver”. So, I’m not actually sure if it’s working correctly or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. 64-bit drivers need to be digitally signed in Windows 7. The drivers I put on the webpage works great for 32-bit, because those drivers do not need to be ”digitally signed” . To get rid of the exclamation mark you should install 32-bit Windows 7 until Asus makes the necessary drivers. I guess they never do this for older hardware that is not made for Win7.

  3. Installed, and windows does not load, but all this fighting here, system: windows seven 32-bit

  4. I installed the Marvell driver for 88SE6121 (M2V board) on Windows 7 64-bit, and the drive popped into existence. :D
    There were several .ini files; I changed them all, replacing WNT_6.0P_64_MCE = Vista64 with WNT_6.1P_64_MCE = Vista64.

    There doesn’t seem to be any problems with digital signing.

  5. i have tried what you told and when i press to run nothing happends…just 1 icon tells me Installation FAILED!!!!:@:@ Ant better idea?-.-”

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