Problem installing Windows 7 on Asus motherboards

For the last 5 hours I tried to install Windows 7 (x86, 32bit) on my home computer that has an Asus M2V motherboard. I tried everything in the book and couldn’t install it. I removed and switched hardware, reburned the DVD, updated the BIOS and did everything that I could possibly think of. The installation process always hung when the installer says ”expanding windows files”. No error messages or nothing and the installation percentage counter stops at a random number. That really pissed me of!

Finally I found an answer to this really weird behaviour. It seems that this is common problem on Asus motherboards and Windows 7.

In BIOS you have to make these changes to make it work:
* Enable the floppy drive (I had it disabled because I dont have a floppy drive).
* Disable the ”Cool and quite” feature.

After I made these changes the installation worked!

I hope this helps other people stuck with the really annoying ”Windows 7” installer.

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