Goodbye php eAccelerator and welcome APC

Goodbye eaccelerator, your decision to remove the functionality that I use in eAccelerator 0.9.6 is a dead end for me. I am lucky that I wrote my software to check if ”eaccelerator_put” functions exists on runtime, otherwise my website would have been down by now after updating from 0.9.3.

The release info says it all:
”The theme of this release is: back to basics! All non-essential functionality has been removed from eAccelerator. The key and content cache and the session functions have been removed. ”

The theme of this release is a killer for me. I have used eAccelerator for many years with great success but now its time to move on. I am now looking for other php cache systems and I also have to rewrite my code. It is not that much work but it has to be done, sadly. I hope there is something good or better then eAccelerator waiting for me in the FreeBSd ports-tree…

… and I found the prefect solution for me in Alternative PHP Cache – APC. It is going to be included (by default?) in PHP6 so I think it is the best choice for me and others. The most important functionality for me right now is apc_add or apc_store which should be the equivalent of eaccelerator_put. Great!

How to install APC in FreeBSD
cd /usr/ports/www/pecl-APC
make install clean

And remember to uncomment eaccelerator from php.ini.

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