mount.ntfs using 100% cpu with vmware-player on Ubuntu 10.04

I had problems running vmware images from a mounted ntfs filesystem in Ubuntu 10.04. The problem was that the process mount.ntfs used 100% CPU and froze my computer only a few moments after starting the image in wmware-player. I guess the mounting of ntfs filesystems aren’t that good in Ubuntu. At least not when you have an application that is very write-intensive.

The solution was to open the .vmx file and add this row:
workingDir = ”../../../var/vmware”

This is where vmware-player stores ”suspend files and snapshots. The path should be relative to the image-dir and be writable to the user running vmware-player. And of course, don’t change the path to another mounted ntfs-filesystem. You should also be able to edit the workingdir by using the vmware-player GUI as well. Look at screenshot below.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your post very useful. I had the same problem with my VM running from ntfs.
    In my case – after changing the .vmx, VMware Workstation (7.1.3 build-324285) didn’t run the VM, saing something like ”Can’t run VM ’cause the working directory is wrong”, but after changing working directory from gui, everything ran smoothly.
    What is curious, gui didn’t really change a thing in .vmx

    Thanks again

  2. Hi,Marcus.

    Many thanks.

    it really works.

    I used GUI to set /var/tmp directory.

    Now VMs work as they should.


  3. Hi, Marcus.
    Just woul like to say that I am using ubuntu 14.04, and 4 years after your post, you are still saving people ! It worked perfect for me. I did like jcramalho and used /var/tmp.
    Thank you very much !

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