Running Windows 7 on an Asus Z9100 laptop

I have got this old Asus Z9100 laptop and tried to install Windows 7 on it. Windows 7 is not supported on this machine and there are no drivers available. Asus stopped supporting this machine with Windows XP. The machine isn’t that bad so if I got it running it could be a great spare/lab computer.

Processor: Intel Celeron M 370 1.5GHz
RAM: 512MB DDR (2x256MB,PC2700)
Graphics: Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics
Hard drive: 40GB

The installation of Windows 7 was straight forward and I was up and running in no-time. In ”device manager” I only had a few missing drivers and when I made a ”windows update” only ”PCI modem” and the graphics driver was still missing. I can live without the modem but I really wanted the graphics to be ok, it is no fun to be running in the standard vga mode (Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor).

I tried to use the Asus XP driver in compability mode but with no success. It installed fine but was lost after each reboot. I tried with everything that I could think of but the driver was always rejected after booting.

After a while I found the solution in this thread.

The driver to use for the 82852/82855 GM graphics card in Windows 7 is this one: 855gm_vista_driver

Download the file and follow these instructions:

A. Turn off Digital Driver Signing Check

1. Create a shortcut on the desktop to cmd.exe (In the location box type cmd /k)
2. Right-click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator
3.When the command window opens, type the following and press ENTER after each:
bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON
bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
4. Reboot in safe mode (press F8 repeatedly during the BIOS screen).

B. Installing the XDDM Vista Driver

1. With computer in safe mode, open the Device Manager
(Start > Computer > System Properties > Device Manager)
2. Initiate driver update for Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor
(Properties > Driver Tab > Update Driver > Update driver -> Browse -> Let me pick -> Display adapters -> Have disk -> give path to ”855gm_vista_driver ” folder of the extracted driver)
3. Navigate to the folder where the driver is stored then complete the installation.
4. In the Device Manager, initiate a new hardware scan (Action > Scan for Hardware Changes).
5. Reboot. If successful, create a restore point!

After following these instructions everything started to work. Max resolution is now at 1024×768. I can choose Aero-themes but they are not working because the drivers are not made for Windows 7.

The Windows 7 performance for the Asus Z9100 is not that good but it is definitely satisfying for simple home use.

Summary: Very nice, I now have a ”new” computer running pretty good.

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