The best Android apps when visiting Thailand

I visited Thailand the last two weeks before christmas and travelled around Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi. I didn’t want to bring a laptop, instead I choose to bring my ZTE Light (running CyanogenMod) with me to great success. When I was preparing the device before the trip I assumed that I needed as much offline content as possible because WIFI access could not be guaranteed when travelling around and I wasn’t going to have any Thai SIM-card for mobile broadband access.

The first stuff that I downloaded was Thailand maps from Google Images. You can’t have enough of them. High resolution maps of all the places I would visit. For Bangkok you should probably download the transportation map as well.

I am a great fan of Wikitravel and uses it a lot. However there is no simple way to only download the pages you are interested in, in my case all of the Thailand pages. Then I found the Oxygenguide which is an offline copy of the wikitravel website. I downloaded this to my device and used it a lot on the trip. On the wishlist could be that the oxygenguide team updates the files more often.

Bangkok Travel Guide Triposo
An offline travel app with maps and information about all the places. This one is great because it requires no internet connection and has aggregated site data from many sources including wikitravel.

Thailand travel guide
An offline travel app for the rest of Thailand from the same makers as the Bangkok Travel Guide. Not as good as the Bangkok guide because many less visited/poular places are missing. But it does its job.

Check your bookings and flight info from Air Asia. Good to have when you are flying domestic with them.

Excellent folder based music player for offline usage. Winamp sucks!

Wifi analyzer
This app helped me to get better reception a lot of times when wifi access was bad at hotels. Sometimes it helped to move 1m on the bed as indicated by this app. It also helped me to find free wifi spots ;)

BTW! Don’t forget to have a good filemanager.

Other things to have with you on your Android phone when travelling:
* Copy of your passport
* Travel guides in pdf format, there are plenty of them online
* Copy of your hotel bookings etc.
* Music
* Books
* Saved webpages for offline reading

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