System manual to home security alarm Fronti FS-250

Some days ago I tried to find the manual for the Fronti FS-250 home alarm security console but I didn’t find it on the Internet. Then I tried to contact the swedish reseller of Fronti home alarms but they did not have it because the model was outdated. Finally I contacted the manufacturer Fronti and they sent me the manual the following day.


Download the Fronti FS-250 Manual.

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  1. Hi,
    I had the same problem with manual. I got the manual from Denmark.
    As this require fixed telephone line, I found a GSM wireless terminal (35€) to replace fixed line.

    Now I have problem with the code ” 40″. I have nothing on channel 4 but that trigger alarm all the time. Any idea?


  2. I have not looked at this yet so I don’t know about code 40. Where did you find the wireless GSM terminal?

  3. Hello there.
    The code ”40” probably means that unit 40 has given a signal for some reason.
    But its a bit difficult to say straight up without any more information.

    Mika, please give us a call and we will try to help you. (0761-250214)

    Regarding GSM terminals, this is something we can offer to you Marcus.

    I dont mean to make some advertisments at you blogg now Marcus, just wishes to help out.

    Take care!
    Fronti Larm

  4. Hi, I haven’t used my alarm for 10 years. Yesterday I was at home and the alarm suddenly rang. I stopped it
    but there was no reason as it was not activated. A light says ”low battery” and since then it continusouly bips (2 sounds) very noisy , very annoying. Now I want to dismantle the alarm, i want to get rid of it.
    How can I do ? in the manual it is about ”use” but how to dismantle it please ?
    thank you very much

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