Script to handle webcam ftp uploads on a web server

I bought this really cheap webcam from DealExtreme. That camera is now providing one of my websites with live images. The cameras internal webserver can’t handle that many request, so I am using the ftp-feature to upload images to my web server.


One problem is that each photo’s filename consists of a timestamp, like ”20130404_1223.jpg”. Instead I want the filename to be something like ”webcam.jpg”. Another problem is that the ftp feature fill my webserver with too many photos, so I need to purge the upload directory.

I wrote this script that purges the upload directory from ALL but THE LATEST photo. It also renames the remaining photo to webcam.jpg as I wanted.

cd /path/to/webcamftp
(ls -rt *.jpg|tail -n 1;ls *.jpg)|sort|uniq -u|xargs rm
ls *.jpg | xargs -I '{}' mv '{}' webcam.jpg


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